I paint for the joy it provides me and because painting and drawing have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Those skills and the love of craft led me to the profession of architecture, which I have practiced for a number of years, and to Philadelphia where I currently reside.

I draw and paint in watercolor and oils and have begun to spend increasing amounts of time painting. Enclosed are a variety of works including: landscapes, cityscapes and copies of master works. An assembly of figures, portraits, and still lifes, drawn and painted, are scheduled for future posts.

These images are records of my observations regarding the details of life, especially the transitory and the commonplace. I prefer to paint plein air, or in the field, and make a practice of finishing landscapes and cityscapes out of studio as much as possible. Currently, my work is figural and all things are possible subject matter. I feel particularly challenged and excited to try to capture a moment in time whenever I pickup a brush or pencil.

Group Shows:

MAPAPA Plein Air Cityscapes 2015                 Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA

Bucks County Plein Air Festival 2016             Bucks County, PA

MAPAPA Plein Air Cityscapes 2016                 Peale Museum, Baltimore, MD

Crystal Moll Gallery                                              Baltimore, MD